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This is just a little form for you to talk about RSPS, WoW, Minecraft, what evs!
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PostSubject: READ THIS!!   Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:14 pm

Within this thread you can post anything about WoW guild/clans, RSPS clans, and runescape, or other games (CoD, L4D, etc..) There will be a format to follow for this so please use it!

What game clan is it? (WoW, RSPS, Runescape, etc.):
Clan name?:
Is there a forums for it?:
^ If so what is its link?:
Any additional details you would want to add?:

Once you have completely filled out this format, push enter a few times and start the discussion! Thanks, and I hope you can promote your clans!
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